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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  November 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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indiana, pennsylvania. the question remains tonight, the suspect huh did he get here? police had his car and wallet yet he made his way 200 miles from washington, d.c. to this quiet college town outside pittsburgh. >> it looked like an armed inkrags of the hampton inn. >> i was standing outside the hotel on a phone and the troopers got out their guns and rifles and ammo and stormed in the front door and they told me to run away and yelled at me to get out of the door. >> i get to the window and i'm telling him to get out of the parking lot go into thes but. >> reporter: hotel guests noticed a man they later realized was the 21-year-old white house shooting suspect sitting in front of the hotel with a bag beside him. >> we had seen the guy when we pulled in, in the morning and it
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was strange. he was just kind of sitting out there and there was a bag out there. >> are it that bag found in the man's room caused a bam sca-- b scare. >> a state trooper was saying we have to evacuate the third floor. >> reporter: the secret service says that an employee of the hotel recognized the suspect from a photo that was distributed by the secret service field office in pittsburgh. she called the police. >> he wanted to know why he was being taken into custody. >> reporter: on tuesday, four days after friday night's shooting a bullet was found lodged in a plexiglass shielded bullet resistant window on the family quarters of the white house and another in an exterior wall. he faces a charge of attempted
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assassination of the president. brian mooar says that the suspect was on ses seszed with the date 11/11/11. he thought the world was going to end on that date. the bullets that hit the white house are thought to have traveled 800 yards after going through the passenger window seat of a car on constitution avenue. that is about the limit of the assault rifle that is thought to have been used. the president and his family were not home at the time. ortega could be charged with attempted assassination. the rain has been falling and with cold air moving in doug's here to tell us what is next. >> the rain is continuing to move out of the region. still a few showers in parts of
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the area around washington and annapolis and in st. mary's county. you can see most of this continues to move on out. there is one big storm in southern virginia producing a tornado warning just to the west of norfolk. just behind this cold air and rain moves in. that cold air could change some of the rain to snow. i will show you who could see flakes in just a minute. now to a story in the district. occupy d.c. protesters could disrupt traffic around the key bridge tomorrow afternoon. a demonstration and march is planned between key bridge and mcphearson square to mark the two will month anniversary of the national occupy movement. in new york the city is preparing for an occupy wall street protest in the morning. the goal is to take over wall street and affect the markets. some expect the mob in the financial district to number in the tens of thousands.
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they are expected to try to take over subway cars and stations and block streets in lower manhattan. the organizers blame the decision by michael bloomberg to end the camp out at zuccotti park. the march is expected to begin at 7:00 in the morning. now to the penn state child sex scandal. the talk is focused on jerry sandusky. there was a rebuke today from an attorney from one of the accusers and he said that the interview is revictimizing the young man he is alleged to have abused and the attorney said his client will testify that he was severely sexually assaulted. sandusky is accused of abusing eight boys over a 15-year time span. his attorney defending his client's wanting to speak out. >> he has wanted to talk for three years.
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i had to restrain him. with all the negative feedback it is time they heard from jerry over the biggest avenue possible that i didn't do this. >> also tonight response from police about an e-mail sent by mike mcqueary to a friend. it says that he saw sandusky raping a boy in the shower and reported the incident to police. but the campus and city police have no record of mcqueary filing a report with them. a prowler that forced the evacuation of a flight is apparently harmless. the flight attendant discovered a suspicious substance in a tissue box this afternoon. hazmat crews tested the powder and determined it was no threat. shock and sadness at two schools in virginia tonight because a student from fairfax
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was run over by a bus at james madison university. aaron gilchrist is at the high school in fairfax where the victim just agrgraduated in jun. >> reporter: a former teacher described her as a bit goofy, if you will. that was a loving memory from her. she was sweet and went off to school at jmu just this year. she died after being hit by a bus while picking up food for a friend. >> reporter: a memorial page shows her as a gentle soul teeming with talent. a tuesday night accident on campus killed the girl. state police say that jane was hit by a city bus at 10:00 p.m. she was talking on her cell phone and stepped into the crosswalk against the signal.
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jane's friends describe her as a gifted dancer and artist. she graduated from a high school in fairfax last may. >> it is so tragic. everyone has the same feeling. it is unfortunate. and no one -- it was unexpected but it is unfortunate for the whole family. >> a lot of people have been affected by it that were close friends with her. a lot of people were sad at school. >> reporter: megan's sister graduated with jane and says she is mourned by people who didn't even know her. >> our school just had an open mic night for music society and we actually sang a song in tribute to her at the beginning. >> reporter: at jmu vigils near the accident scene. jane was the third person to die this year at the college. a vice pro vest and another
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student died earlier this month. the accident was caused by inattention on the part of the pedestrian. the bus driver will not face charges. back to you. >> thank you, aaron. new tonight, washington nationals catcher wilson ramos speaking plek speaking publically for the first time since being kidnapped in venezuela. he was rescued by venezuelan troops. he thanked his fans. >> i want to thank you all the fans. thank you for the support that was given to me after what happened to me. i feel good and happy to be back. >> the team he is playing with is a venezuelan team he plays for in the offseason. he are rejoin the nationals in the spring. a recent string of robberies targeted businesses in one particular d.c. neighborhood. and among the places hit was a barbershop.
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things have gotten so bad in that neighborhood the places that have been open to discuss the issues of the day are locking their doors. shomari stone has our report. >> this is a life. i have to move on. >> reporter: paul davis's barbershop has been open for 50 years. a place where people sit back and talk politics. someone robbed him. >> gentlemen came in with guns and masks and just collected the money from the customers and the barber. >> reporter: he is one of the three businesses to be hit recently and police are warning others. >> high-crime area. >> reporter: mr. davis and the business owners tell me there was a time in which barbershops were off limits. criminals would leave them alone. but times have changed and now it's open season. >> you could leave your doors open. >> reporter: but now kim keeps
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her doors always locked. >> i'm scared. >> reporter: mr. davis hopes that business owners can carry a concealed weapon on the job. the criminals will always get guns. >> the law so that the business people can have guns too. it might be a deterrent. i don't know. >> reporter: police urge people with information about the robberies to call metro police. i'm shomari stone. back to you in the studio. a judge fined a group of people who were arrested alongside d.c. mayor vincent gray. gray and 40 others were arrested when they blocked traffic near the capitol. most people paid a fine to have their charges dropped. but a small group decided to go to trial. a judge found sex of them guilty and fined them up to $200. a teenager killed by gang members last year got a tribute
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this afternoon. a new field at the georgetown south community center was named in memory miguel hernandez. he was killed on his way home from school in november. he was part of an after school program at the community center. the boy's father said he would be thrilled with the field. >> he would be super excited. this is a dream that now the field is flat and there's greenness on it. he would be excited to play here all the time. >> the field was paid for by an obesity prevention grant for the virginia foundation for healthy youth. a controversial ad showing the president kissing other leaders. the vatican is looking at it as well. gold everywhere. police found it inside a house in our area. in our area. you check it out. what was in
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arrests soon after they struck gold at a home in maryland. after rounding up roosters outside they found tens of thousands of dollars of stolen gold jewelry inside. the thieves were melting the gold and selling it in new york. the roosters meanwhile were taken to a shelter. damascus is the last dry town in montgomery county but that could be changing. a bill that would allow the sale of beer and wine would only apply to sit-down restaurants. if the bill passes in the general assembly the residents get the final say on the measure when they vote in november. the think travel season begins this weekend. but riders will not be able to take metro to the airport. national, crystal city and braddock road stations will be
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closed for repairs from 10:00 friday night through 5:00 monday morning. metro will run sheuttle buses instead. an ad featuring several manipulated photos of world leaders kissing is creating a because. the ad features everyone from president obama to the pope locking lips with one another. the vatican is already threatening legal action against the company. video now that a lot of people are talking about now from secretary of state hillary clinton's trip to hawaii. she was posing for pictures when a man wearing only a loin cloth ran behind them. mrs. clinton turned and burst out laughing. it's a big hit on the internet.
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a quarter of million people have watched it. the guy is chester san teen know. it's his job to light the tiki torches around the hotel where the secretary was staying. >> don't they all wear loin cloths? >> that's how they roll. >> no one is wearing them around here tonight i'm sure. >> or not for the next couple days too. >> clever. >> she has it going on. out there right now nice conditions now that the rain has stopped. the temperatures are on the mild side in the mid-50s. but looking outside the rain is definitely slowing down outside as it moves out the east. out there today a high temperature of 59 degrees. a low of 54 degrees. the average high is 58. one more day above average but that will not last and we will not see it tomorrow. over a half inch of rain at the airport.
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that's all we will see today but more rain tomorrow. and another band of showers moving through. 54 degrees the current temperature with wind out of the north-noest at 6 miles per hour. it will cool us down overnight. so no areas in the 40s just yet but that will change by the time you wake up. the frontal boundary is moving to the south and taking the rain out with it. showers around prince george's county and crofton and anne arundel county. also a few showers down in southern st. mary's county. that's about it. you can see this rainmaking its way out to the east. we are seeing clearing for the rain. but we stay socked in with the clouds and we watch this system that has cold air associated with it and it will move back up the coast and bring us another
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bout of rain and things get interesting when we see the cold air move in. by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning most areas on the dry side. but not surprised to see showers on the beltway but most of the rain is on the light side. tomorrow afternoon look what happens. the cold air moves in. look at the snow. winchester, front royal and manassas and gaithersburg and lees burg and frederick and portions of west virginia. i'm not expecting accumulation. but it may be pretty as the flakes may be flying tomorrow afternoon. but will the be way too warm to cause problems. only achance of accumulation in the higher peaks to the west. will this will quickly moving out and by 5:00 on thursday we should be clearing out maybe ending the day with sun to the west. the clouds move out and that ushers in the coldest night so
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far this season. more clouds and chilly with a few showers. winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. that will make things feel colder. the winds pick up in the afternoon. 20 to 25 miles per hour tomorrow. and with the cold wind, 44 to 48 degrees. it's going to be very chilly tomorrow. a big difference from the 73 we saw just a couple days ago. and once again that rain may end as some snowflakes. you will see the big wet snowflakes if it happens in your area. best chance west of washington. 49 on friday. 54 on saturday. sunday is looking good. i think we will see plenty of cloud cover. monday, tuesday, and wednesday, temperatures above 50 degrees. not talking about cold air. but friday morning some areas could wake up to temperatures in the upper teens for the first time for actual temperatures and below freezing in the district for the first time this season. >> changes in such a hurry. >> maybe a day to cover the
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plants and bring them inside. >> we like the changes. we have sports coming up
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skins have not been at the top of the league in terms of stopping the run have they? >> they haven't been at the top of the league in terms of much of anything. they lost five in a row and nobody is producing right now but injuries have been a huge problem. but injuries are generally a problem for every team and sometimes stars are born because of them. the cowboys running back demarko murray, the rookie out of oklahoma started as a third stringer and is on pace for 1200 yards despite only starting three games this year. he didn't even start the game
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but on the first carry he rips off a 91-yard touchdown run sets a rushing record with 253 yards. emmitt smith didn't do that. murray not a one-hit wonder either. he started the cowboys' last three games and has gone for more than 100 yards in two of them. the redskins are aware that in order to have a chance on sunday they have to contain the cowboys' rookie. >> the way he is running the ball it makes romo's job easier. he doesn't have to make a lot of plays in the air. they are balanced right now. you see what they did to buffalo and new england. i mean these guys are legit right now with him running the ball. >> he had big stats and runs. he has great speed and about 6 foot and 22 pounds and 4.4 speed and you can see it out there
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taking pressure off romo. >> a lot of pressure off romo. and the running back who was ahead of him on the depth chart, well that was dechard choice. he was the second stringer for the cowboys and felix jones the first stringer. choice is now playing for the redskins. the first game for the burgundy and gold should be on sunday against the cowboys. there is a side bar story. >> right. make it worth watching. >> and choice is anxious to get back on the field. in the college hoops front au with its first win of the season. jeff jones in his 12th season as the american head coach. final seconds of the first half. blake at the buzzer gets it to go. the eagles take a 28-18 lead at the break. they were calling the game. they are not doing anything else
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these days. charlie achele, a senior transfer be vanderbilt doing some work. puts au up by 9. and richardson drives but i don't think so. career high seven blocks. you can call him tony ro-block-y after tonight. hinkle gets the three and one. he went for a career high 27 points. american wins the home opener. across the pound in australia it's the president's cup kicking off today. it's a poor man's ryder cup. golfers from the united states taking on the best in the world. at the royal melbourne golf club. ernie els and i think he has played this hole before. >> no way. >> and it rolls right back not
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in but close to the hole. that sets up a par and his international team wins that hole. mean while steve stricker paired with tiger. he hits the flag stick and gets a bad break because it rolls off the green. tiger and stricker trailing adam scott and k.j. choi by three holes through six. and the drama there is tiger's old caddy is
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. ♪ you like to party, rock the party. >> kidd rock performed at the fillmore in silver spring
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tonight and two local charities will reap the benefits at every stop the foundation will give money to charities. the family place and so kids can the family place and so kids can which is a fundraising
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